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Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 28 November 2018 10:30am

Unit 2, 89 Tennant Street FYSHWICK ACT 2609
Dial in: (02) 8077 0506; Access code: 647970; Online Meeting:

Meeting chair

Greg McNamara

Minutes status
  1. Appointment of meeting chair
  2. Confirmation of minutes from previous AGM and any General Meetings
  3. Report from Board of Directors
  4. Report from Company Secretary
    1. Membership
    2. Financial report
    3. Other company business
  5. Election of directors
  6. Election of councillors
  7. Appointment of auditor
  8. Strategic planning
  9. Other business
Agenda items
Appointment of meeting chair, As there is no Members Council President or other councilors, full members have to appoint one from their ranks as the chair. The meeting chair has, Greg McNamara was elected by the members to chair the AGM
Confirmation of minutes, Constitution requires confirmation of minutes from previous AGM, special meetings and general meetings (but not Board meetings) Foundation minut, The AGM endorsed the minutes of two previous meetings: Foundation minutes—22 December 2017 (link) Special general meeting—3 July 2018 (link), That the minutes from the foundation meeting of 22 December 2017 be accepted., Chris McLoghlin, Sam Statham, That the minutes from the special general meeting of 3 July 2017 be accepted., Chris McLoughln, Dalene Wray
Report from Board of Directors, Suggest this cover the following review of issues: landmark year - association incorporated 15 January, developed the constitution, registration, The Chair of the Board of Directors reported on the key activities over the last 12 months. It has been a landmark year—the Association was inco
Report from Company Secretary, Update on memberships Financial report - Preliminary profit $3,583 mostly from Love Organic Other company business, The Company Secretary provided a report on the operations of the company. There are now 11 full members and 8 associate members. There are also
Election of directors, No written nominations received. Open the floor to nominations for directors. Only full members may propose or second a nomination. The nominee , The Company Secretary advised the meeting that the Board had considered the election rules for new directors at its meeting prior to the AGM, noting t
Election of councillors, Propose that there are insufficient members to establish a member council at this stage., The Company Secretary proposed that no written nominations had been received and, as there were insufficient members to establish a Members Council in
Appointment of auditor, Corporations law defines small companies limited by guarantee as having less than $250k revenue. Small CLBGs are not required to prepare financial , The Company Secretary noted that, as a small company limited by guarantee, the company was not legally required to appoint an auditor and the company'
The strategic plan, Membership and fees Mark Anderson requested this item. Suggest it be focus on considering fees and membership strategy for 2019-20. Should also , Membership and fees Members discussed membership fees and a membership strategy. It was resolved that no change was needed to fees and that the Boa
Other business, There was no further business.
Attended - Full Members
Representative Full Member
Greg McNamara Norco
Sam Statham Rosnay Wines
Dalene Wray OBE Beef
Sue Shelton Bellamy's Organic
Janie McClure Rural Organics
Attended - Associate Members
Representative Associate Member
Owen Gwilliam  
Carolyn Suggate ORICoop
David Mackay Strategic Project Partners
Chris McLoghlin Old association member
Mark Anderson Old association member
Attended - Others
Representative Reason for attending
Tony Webster Company Secretary
Natalie Collard Consultant

Anni Brownjohn
Jan Denham
Simone Tully
Carissa Wolfe
Els Wynen