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Benefits of membershipBecome a member of the interim peak body which represents Australia's organic industries in government forums and industry initiatives.

Organic Industries of Australia Ltd is a new and independent organisation which acts in the interests of all certified organic operators.

There are two categories of membership—Full Membership for certified organic operators and Associate Membership for others.

Foundation Memberships are also available for a limited time.

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The membership options and eligibility are summarised in the table below.


Full Members Associate Members

Must be a current Certified Organic Operator

A supporter by way of financial assistance, provision of professional services, or other non-cash assistance to the organisation

An important part of the supply chain for making certified organic products available for sale to the consumers of those products

A nominated representative of a Research and Development Corporation

A former or aspiring Certified Organic Operator

Ordinary Membership
$10 $10
Foundation Membership
$250 $250
Membership rights Full voting rights

No voting rights

May not nominate a person as a director

Can be appointed as a director


The objectives of Organic Industries of Australia Ltd are to:

  • facilitate an organic industry which has an authoritative voice that enhances the fortunes of all Australian certified organic operators, through advocacy, education and transparent representation
  • improve the competitiveness of certified organic operators through effective advocacy to governments, with industry stakeholders, and in respect of research and development
  • promote the integrity of certified organic productions systems
  • promote industry development and educate producers and consumers in respect of certified organic production
  • facilitate collaboration across supply chains and improve domestic and export market access for certified organic operators
  • promote widespread uptake of sustainable farming systems and markets based on organic principles and imbued with a culture of innovation, of progressive improvement towards best practice, of transparent integrity, of inclusive collaboration, of holistic systems, and of true value pricing


Complete the online application here or download the application for Ordinary membership ($10) Membership application or Foundation membership ($250) Membership application

Full details of the eligibility, rights and obligations of members are set out in the Constitution.